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7 Minute Muscle Review: Jon Benson Quick Weight Workout

7 Minute Muscle7 Minute Muscle is a great muscle building program for people who have very little free time to devote to muscle building exercises. In the pages of the 7 Minute Muscle program you’ll find a very different approach to working out, one that helps you build more muscle in the minimum amount of time, without supplements or gimmicks.

Jon Benson’s 7 Minute Muscle program works around a tried yet true statement: that time is gold. To elaborate, this program emphasizes not only results, but also the amount of time spent in getting them. Hundreds of other programs out there promise results, but only at the cost of eating six to nine meals a day and spending around five to even fifteen hours at the gym a week, which most people with a daily job and a family hardly have time, much less the effort needed, to do such things. This is a program for those who want to have the muscle but not the time.

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In order to get people into the correct mindset, the 7 Minute Muscle program dispels a lot of myths regarding the practices of so-called fitness “experts” and “gurus” around the world. Significant ones include:

  • the amount of time needed working out in the gym
  • the number of meals needed daily
  • the number of supplements needed before every workout
  • the number of sets needed per muscle group
  • and many more

When followed, the procedures outlined in the 7 Minute Muscle program allow you to have more time to do the things you really want and need to do with your life.

The 7 Minute Muscle program includes an ebook packed with information on training and training myths, along with years of research’s worth of scientific data to back these techniques up and differing levels of training for beginning, intermediate and advanced bodybuilding. In addition to this, the package includes at least seven training videos:

  • All About 7 Minute Muscle
  • An Amazing Chest in Minutes
  • A Sculpted Back in Minutes
  • Sexy Shoulders in Minutes
  • Hot Legs in Minutes
  • Great Arms in Minutes
  • Your Best Butt and Legs… at Home in Minutes

These show you how to train your chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs, respectively, for maximum muscle gain in minimum time. Whether you are a student, a mother, a busy yuppie, a laid-back CEO or even a hardcore bodybuilder in the truest sense of the word, you are bound to get something out of the 7 Minute Muscle workout program.

Anyone who is up for a challenging workout will love 7 Minute Muscle, especially if they are looking for a new program to help them gain the muscle that they desire in far less time. So, if this sounds like you, you might want to give this program a try.

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