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Final Phase Fat Loss Review: Fat Burning Workout Routine Program

Final Phase Fat LossFinal Phase Fat Loss is one of the most comprehensive fat loss program available, anywhere. It is a unique fat loss e-book product that will help you lose the last pounds using amazing fat burning workouts to turn your body in just 6 weeks from soft to hard rock.

John Romaniello, self proclaimed weight loss expert and creator of the Final Phase Fat Loss Program, has created four different training regiment that you do each week to target these hormones. The workouts are called density, dynamic, lactic-acid and strength. Even though each workout targets a specific hormone, Romaniello doesn’t recommend that individuals only do one form of training to target that hormone. Instead, he says, do all of them to aid in the process of losing those last few stubborn pounds.

With just six weeks of training, Final Phase Fat Loss System can help one lose the stubborn last few pounds that by manipulating your hormonal system using exercise. Anyone can use the program, regardless of gender, age or training level. Nevertheless, while average people will shape their bodies, athletes will improve performance.

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Final Phase Fat Loss is based on four different types of workouts:

  • Lactic Acid Training: these types of workouts are done with slow tempos which really helps the body so much in producing a lot of lactic acid that is responsible in creating the growth hormones which decrease the cortisol effect that causes the enlargement of the belly or stomach fat.
  • Heavy Strength: these types of workouts helps a lot in maintaining the best muscle structure besides increasing your strength and developing a nice form although it does not target a specific muscle.
  • Density Training: These types of workouts are extremely difficult and challenging and very effective since you will be always trying to make more workouts density in compare to your last session. It helps so much in fighting the Estrogen hormone which is causes the fat storage on your man breasts, thighs, hips, and buttocks.
  • Dynamic Training: This type of training is great in increasing the IGF-1 hormone production and I have to admit that they are really extreme hard movements but you will get great results.

Each of these is incredible for fat loss in its own right, but when combined in strategic ways, the training modalities present in Final Phase Fat Loss are exponentially more powerful.

What Learn with Final Phase Fat Loss

  • Discover how to design your diet and adjust it to training.
  • Learn why cardio training may not be a good choice for you.
  • Use workouts that stimulate the muscles three times more intensely than regular gym training.
  • Find out how to manipulate your hormones to lose fat and build muscle.

The workouts are mostly strength. In fact, John Romaniello makes the case that cardio is vastly overrated when it comes to fat loss. Strength training is much more effective, in his opinion, both during the workout itself and for its metabolic boosting effects later on during the day, even when you rest.

One of the manuals in the FPFL program is an extensive exercise library. Each of the exercises, in any of the workouts, is explained inside this manual in great detail along with pictures to help you maintain proper form. I like this as it helps to make sure your workouts are healthy and reduces risk of sports injury.

Final Phase Fat Loss is going to be THE go-to program for anyone trying to lose the last few pounds, pretty much going forward from here. And nearly all trainers have clients in that position. It’s a natural fit.

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