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Hair loss Home Remedies

Why Home Remedies For Hair Growth Is The Best Option For You!

Having a robust hairline does not make you a healthy individual, but for many, a receding hairline makes for a declining self-esteem. Contrary to popular belief, hair loss affects both women and men, and for both it can be depressing and anxiety provoking. With the right knowledge, you can reverse hair loss and stop it in its tracks. Armed with the most effective hair loss home remedies, you can start to fight back and regain your self-esteem.

Waiting for your hair to grow longer can seem like an eternity. It can affect the appearance, confidence, and maybe even the self esteem of a person. Before investing in expensive upscale hair products hawked by salons you may also wish to consider home remedies for hair growth. Here are some recommendations:

  • Amla oil boiled with coconut oil
  • Preparing hair tonics isn’t something new. There are literally hundreds of home remedies with recipes on how to prepare your very own hair tonics. Amla oil boiled with coconut oil is just one example. This formula has been known to be effective in preventing hair loss.

  • Mixing amla juice and lime juice
  • The two comes together to become an effective hair loss prevention formula. This is one of the easiest method. There is no boiling, and no cooking. All that is needed, is to extract the fresh juices, and use them with your shampoo when you wash your hair.

  • Consuming lettuce and spinach juice
  • Improving the general health of the body creates the conditions that are conducive for hair growth. Eating green vegetables or consuming vegetable juices is one way to boost the immune system of the body. When you consume juices that come from lettuce and spinach, your body absorbs the nutrients and vitamins easily and that helps to promote hair growth.

  • Lime seeds and black pepper
  • Grind lime seeds and black pepper (in equal proportions) and use the paste as a hair tonic. Apply the paste thinly on the scalp on a daily basis. Leave it on for about ten to fifteen minutes, and then rinse it off with water and mild shampoo. Be careful not to get any of the substances in your eyes though!

  • Applying coconut milk on the scalp
  • This is another popular method to help promote hair growth. Prepare a glass of coconut milk and apply it on the scalp. Use a towel to wrap the hair and prevent the milk from dripping all over the place. After 15 to 30 minutes, remove the towel and rinse with cool water and mild shampoo to remove the coconut milk. The goal is to reap the nourishing benefits of the substance.

  • Paste made from pigeon pea and red gram
  • This is better known as a remedy for baldness. The paste is created from pigeon pea and red gram, and is applied directly to the bald areas. Red gram is commonly used in many hair types of hair pastes. So you will come across this ingredient in various home remedies.

  • Grind fenugreek seeds and mix with water
  • This creates a special paste that can be applied on the scalp. There is only one ingredient involved, so it’s easy to prepare.

    Most of the recommendations above involve applying some kind of hair paste and leaving it on the scalp. The duration can be anything from 15 minutes to an hour or so. It depends on the amount of time that you have. If you treat your hair during weekends, you may wish to leave the paste on for at least an hour before washing it off.

    Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

    Provillus contains compound ingredients such as, biotin, gotu kola, magnesium stearatern Muria Puania, pumpkin extract, Saw Palmetto, silicon dioxide, vitamin B6, and zinc. These compound ingredients help prevent thinning hair follicles form becoming thinner-leading to baldness.

    The nourishing blend of nutrients in Provillus helps the hair become thick. Provillus hair loss treatment is FDA-approved. No prescription is needed because it is stored as a supplement; therefore, it can be bought from over-the-counter from a local drug store.Provillus was created by the Ultra Herbal Company. It is a natural treatment for men and women suffering from hair loss, also known as Androgenetic alopecia. With men hair loss is caused by hormone testosterone.

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