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Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Do you need help with hearing loss perhaps sudden hearing loss, tinnitus or dizziness?

Tinnitus is a disease that affects a persons hearing in many different degrees. For the most part almost 90% of all people who get tinnitus end up with the problem of loss of hearing. Therefore tinnitus and hearing loss goes hand in hand for most people. This is why most people are in search of a cure for the problems that they have with tinnitus before the hearing losses occur.

Millions of people around the world encounter the ill effects of tinnitus and problems with hearing can cause a person to feel frustrated and distressed. In order to learn how to identify a medical condition such as tinnitus, it is important to learn about this medical condition and understand how to observe the symptoms caused by this problem.

What is Tinnitus

Everyone knows what hearing loss is – the term is pretty self-explanatory. Tinnitus is somewhat different. While many people may not know what the word means, they all have probably heard about its characteristics, and many may have it without knowing what it’s called. Tinnitus is better described by its common description, “ringing in the ears”. Basically, it is when a repetitive noise is heard without there being any external cause to the sound. People naturally hear ringing in the ears after being in a loud concert, or after being near a construction zone, but tinnitus occurs when there is no external cause to the sound that you hear in your ear.

What Causes Tinnitus

Tinnitus and hearing loss are directly related. The condition that causes tinnitus (which is more accurately described as a symptom rather than a true condition) is the same that causes hearing loss: inner ear nerve damage. The inner ear is a very sensitive part of the body. Inside there are several small organs that all contribute to interpreting sound waves from outside into sound signals in the brain. One of these vulnerable parts is called the cochlea, and has several hair-like cells inside that vibrate when noise waves pass by them.

Damage to the inner ear occurs when excessive sound waves basically crash into these hair cells and hurt them. The nerve attached to them is often damaged as well and cannot send signals to the brain like it could when it was healthy. The result? Often a loud, annoying, and persistent ringing will be heard. This is what we call tinnitus. Loud noise is the primary cause of this symptom, and can actually lead to more serious conditions like hearing loss. As mentioned above and as I’ll explain below, tinnitus and hearing loss are directly related.

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

How are tinnitus and hearing loss related? Hearing loss is nothing more than the effect of the same inner ear damage that causes tinnitus. The main difference between tinnitus and hearing loss is the extent of the damage (as tinnitus can still be heard). In fact, severe and prolonged tinnitus is a symptom of future hearing loss. The delicate nerve cells in the ear can be so damaged that they completely lose their ability to interpret sound waves. Thus, if you start getting tinnitus and ringing in your ears, be careful, for the causes of your ringing are forerunners of hearing loss. In this way, tinnitus and hearing loss can be used to learn and hopefully limit your exposure to loud noise before it’s too late.

Tinnitus Cures

If you suffer from tinnitus it’s important that you take action to treat the problem quickly. If tinnitus is left untreated, it can in many cases become much worse. Treatment options for tinnitus sufferers vary, you could go and get yourself examined by an Otologist (an ear specialist) which would be the ideal scenario however this can be very expensive. You may find it useful to use a natural tinnitus cure such as "End Your Tinnitus". End Your Tinnitus is a product that was developed by an ex-sufferer of tinnitus. It has been used to get some amazing results by thousands of sufferers worldwide and has proven itself to be a highly effective solution for tinnitus patients.

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